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La Vigna di Sarah

La Vigna di Sarah is a young and sparkling wine-producing company that reflects a land of thousands of colors and scents, brushed by the sun and wind.

Our story

“ La Vigna di Sarah was born in 2010 and takes its name from me: despite being 100% Italian, in fact, I have the “h” in my name, thanks to my dad! My personal passion for wine, and even more, for everything behind a bottle of wine, dates back long ago, when I was a child. My love for nature, mountains and staying outdoors . For this reason, after my studies of Business Economics in Milano and after a master in Notthingham, in England, I chose to return to my homeland, the famous hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. I decided to dedicate myself to the vineyards and the production of Prosecco wine, exclusively made with our grapes, following the entire evolution of every single bunch.

La Vigna di Sarah is a clear expression of its production areas: our prosecco takes its name from the hills in the Rive di Cozzuolo area. The wine Colle 170 Slm gets the name from the hill of Carpesica; Borgo Luna refers to the village of Col di Luna, where my farmhouse is located. Grappoli di Luna (Moon bunches), on the other hand, is my most innovative and peculiar product. The only prosecco harvested night-time. In fact during the night, the climate temperature is lower than during the day. Even more, in recent years the Glera, the grape producing prosecco, is mostly harvested at the end of August, when temperatures are still very high, conducing to a risk of early fermentation. However the main motivation, is also the desire to study the effects of the moon on the finished product, since the moon has various influences on man, on tides, on pruning, and why not on harvest ?!

In addition, in 2014 born La Vigna di Sarah farmhouse. On the hillside of the Col de Luna hill, this is a truly magical place where our guests can discover our territory, walk along the vineyards and sleep in the middle of the rows in our special suites Lunotte. The Lunotte, exclusive characteristic of La Vigna di Sarah farmhouse, are fully furnished wooden barrels, including a private bathroom with shower.

The latest great innovation in my company is about the decision to convert all our 16 hectares to organic. Personally, I am convinced that this is the only possible path towards the sustainability of the territory, for our health and for the quality of the finished product. I want my children to run and play among the rows. ”


La Vigna di Sarah’s vineyard extends along the hillsides of Vittorio Veneto, in the province of Treviso. The cultivated grape is Glera characterized by a white berry: it is an autochthonous grape that grows in this area since the beginning of 1800.


The grape harvesting operation has been carried out since 4 September 2014, the right time for the exact maturation level, achieved to maximize the peculiarities of the vine and of the production area. In 2015 took place the first night harvest in the northern Italy.

Work Process

Following the harvesting phase of the grapes, we find the pressing, which technically begins the vinification that concludes with the process of alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation temperature is very important, it must never be below 18°C.


To taste the best and appreciate the quality of the wines, it is very important to serve them at the right temperature, usually between 6 and 12-14° for white wines and sparkling wines. Low temperatures tend to accentuate the most aggressive features of wine while smoothing the softest ones.


The White Wine Road, the first Italian Enological artery, officially launched on 10th September 1966 and wisely redesigned and renamed then, like Prosecco itinerary Road– Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Wines, is one of the oldest routes in Italy, as a vivid proof of the wine-growing vocation in the Treviso region.

Established in 2003, the new Road follows the original historical route, re-designed for long stretches. Nowadays, together with other suggestive themed trails, it covers a total of 120km, entirely in the province of Treviso.

From Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, a travel through lush rows of vineyards,which alternate with ancient castles, churches and abbeys, patrician villas and residences. A precious artistic patrimony, a cultural heritage that blends into rural, civil and religious history.

On the background of this gorgeous scenery, the scent of wine: a flavor that originates from far-away, and leads us to the discovery of the relationship between man and vine, tradition and modernity, and a culinary tradition that can hardly be forgotten.


La Vigna di Sarah’s vineyard extends along the hillsides of Vittorio Veneto, in the province of Treviso. The cultivated grape is Glera characterized by a white berry: it is an autochthonous grape that grows in this area since the beginning of 1800.